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Yamato Anti-Topple Pads
Prevent earthquake-related damage to your laboratory equipment

Laboratory benches and shelves are secured in place.
How about the equipment placed on top of the laboratory benches?


Please click here to view a demonstration
Strong vibrations can cause laboratory equipment to topple over, posing physical dangers and potential obstruction of escape routes. By sticking Yamato Anti-Topple Pads on the base of equipment, vibrations are significantly reduced, preventing them from toppling over. A three-level structured patent ensures superior durability and long-lasting effectiveness compared with conventional products.
Material Urethane elastomer
Load capacity Approx. 100kg (with 4 pads)
Support Approx. 7-10 years
(depending on conditions of use)
Size 50 x 50 x 5(mm) x 4 pads

For more information, please contact: International Sales Department
Tel: 81-3-5639-7076

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