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Water Purifiers

 WA500/570/710/730 have been discontinued.

Large-capacity type to supply highly pure water with a single motion.

These models employ microproccessor automatic control of all processes, from the supplying of water, ion exchange and distillation, to the storage.

500 570 710 730
Water Purification Method
Distillation -> Ion exchange
Distillation -> Filtration
Purified Water
Distilled water /
Ion-exchange water
Distilled Water Capacity
5.0 L/h 10 L/h
Purified Water
Distilled water 1.4 L/min Ion-exchange water
1.4 L/min

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  • They feature a number of devices for direct production of large amounts of distilled water and deionized water.
  • They also include a number of devices with many functions that guarantee high purity of water, as well as 2 methods of production of deionized water.
  • The operation panel has high operability such as arbitrary setting of amount of water supplied, single key-stroke system and a water quality monitor indigital form which permits you to check the water quality easily.
  • lt is easy to exchange the ion-exchange resin cartridge.

  WA500 WA570 WA710 WA730
Water purification method Distillation -> Ion-exchange -> Filtration
Purified water Distilled water, Deionized water
Distilled water capacity Approx. 5 L/Hr. Approx. 10 L/Hr.
Collection of Distilled water Approx. 1. 4/1.6 liter/ min. (50/60Hz)
Collection of Ion exchange water Approx. 1. 4/1.5 liter/ min. (50/60Hz)
Boiler Stainless steel
Condenser Stainless steel
Heater Pipe heater, 1.9kW×2 pcs. Pipe heater, 2.55kW×3 pcs.
Distilled water storage tank Polyethylene made, 60 liter
Raw water filter Pre-treatment cartridge (activated carbon + hollow fiber membrane, 0.1μm)
Pure water filter Membrane filter (hollow fiber membrane, 0.1μm)
Ion-exchanger One-touch connecting type cartridge (mixed floor type, 3 liter)
Water quality monitor Temperature automatic compensation, digital display
Disply are switch types electric conductivity and the resistivity
0.05 to 300×10-4S/m.25deg.C (Conductance)
18 to 0.1×104Ω.m.25deg.C (Resistivity)
Distilled water tank level display Display on LED in 5 steps
Range of collection capacity 0.1 to 99.9 L (0.1 L/step)
Feeding pump Electromagnetic pump
Raw water pressure range 1 to 5×100kPa (1 to 5kg /cm2)
Power source 50/60Hz 100V, single phase,
200/220V, single phase,
200/220V, single phase,
200/380V, three phase,
External dimensions(W×D×Hmm) 903×603×1, 430
Weight Approx. 120 kg
  Water supply hose -- 2m×1 pc. (with connecting unit), Drain hose -- 3m×1 pc. (with hose clamp), Detergent -- 1kg,
Pre-treatment cartridge -- 1 pc. Ion-exchange resin -- 1 pc. Membrane filter-- 2 pcs.

Control panel System Diagram
* *
Inner View

Dimensional drawing (mm)

Optional items
Description Model No. Product Code
Supply Water Unit OWH10 WS200/220, WG35/510/710/730, WA200/500/570/710/730 253686
Connection Unit G (WL100 Autostill) WG510/710/730, WA500/570/710/730 253668
Sampling Hose Connection Unit OWF WG510/710/730, WA500/570/710/730 253208
High Purity Catridge CPC-H WA500/570/710/730 CPCNS30011
Drain Trap OWI20 WG35, WG510, WA570 253212
Drain Trap OWI40 WG710, WA500/710 253214
Drain Trap OWI50 WG730, WA730 253215
Pretreatment Catridge ACF0827 WG510/710/730, WA500/570/710/730 9020030003
Ion exchange resin catridge CPC-N WA500/570/710/730 CPCN30010
Membrane filter MFRL730 WG510/710/730, WA500/570/710/730 9020010006
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